Socks and Deodorant

Funny title, right? Not really. I take these things seriously! I’ve been looking for the perfect, most effective natural deodorant for over twenty years! I’ve ruined so many tops and t-shirts on my search for a great deodorant. In any case, I believe that I’ve found it. I happened upon it through a friend of a friend. I just so happened to mention something about deodorants about three years ago, and this friend of a friend said “I have this deodorant sample that my sister left behind…she used the other one, but you can have this one.”

I believe it was Primal Pit Paste’s Orange Creamsicle jar I’m not super crazy about putting citrus scents on my body, but this was nice and sweet, so I tried it. I think that I placed a full order the same week.

Let me say that deodorant is not an antiperspirant, so I do sweat. But when I do, it doesn’t smell bad — even on the hottest days, and things get pretty hot in Chicago and Chicagoish (Note: as long as I cover my armpits with the right amount, and allow the deodorant to set before I put anything over my armpits).

I was never really comfortable using drugstore antiperspirant because of all of the chemicals, and it would leave crystals/stains in the armpit area of my shirts. You can’t get that stuff out!

I use the regular formula of the PPP, and I purchase the jars (I tried a stick, but I didn’t like it–you may like it; they have sensitive, regular, and strong). My favorite scents are Royal and Rogue, Patchouli, and Coconut Lime (I do randomly still use the Orange Creamsicle, and tried the Thyme and Lemongrass, which was HORRIBLE –it didn’t work with my body chemistry).

If you don’t already, I suggest using a wash cloth to wash your armpits between use. Don’t just swipe a bar of soap over the area because the deodorant leaves buildup, and will cause a rash and irritation (I did experience this and almost stopped using it until I figured out what I wasn’t doing). This deodorant contains coconut oil (antibacterial) and shea butter (no, they don’t stain your clothes), and baking soda and arrowroot powder to reduce sweating (it’s the baking soda that can cause irritation, so you want a clean armpit upon each application).

Moving on, about three years ago I was looking for a Christmas gift for my teen niece, and saw an ad for Rhianna socks (Fenty). They were selling them at this online shop called Stance . I went to the site seeking socks for my niece, and ended up buying a few pairs for myself (Aaaah, Christmas, ha!). I love, love, love their socks especially their Classic Crew and Ankle socks.

Stance not only makes their crew with appealing designs, but they are so luscious and comfortable! You could have a shoe with no support, but put a Stance crew sock on, and it will feel like you are walking on a foam bed. They are best for the fall and winter months (even though I have snuck these in on a 50-70 degree day). My second love, are the ankle socks. I was really hesitant about the ankle sock thing, but I purchased some, and I love them. They are perfect with straight leg pants or jeans. My last favs are the Tomboy Light socks. These are like a a hosiery sock, but thicker. I have a couple of pairs of these, and I just ordered another…I am just obsessed now, and my sock game is tight, ha!