Finals Week ‘n stuff

*Skipping a discussion about the 2016 Presidential election because…yeah…it’ll just stress me out.*

So, it’s finals week at the University, and things are slowing down in the library. I am really satisfied with what I am doing right now, though, I feel that tug of “There’s more that I want to do, let’s do it now,” which has caused great instability in my life. I’ve had to accept that I can’t sit still. I have a wanderlust when it comes to work, and fortunately this position has a lot of tasks to hold my attention. I now need to settle down and write — easier said than done.

I’m currently reading The Racial Contract by Charles Mills, a Caribbean scholar. It was suggested by a French political scholar on Twitter (I have a Twitter problem). It’s really driving home the point that racism is integral to the functioning of politics in the Americas (global white supremacy is more accurate). Racism is fundamental. And he uses philosophy (on which Western governments are based) to deliver his argument. It’s very good so far.

It’s now winter in the central Midwest (Chicago–the most important city in the Midwest, ha!). I crocheted a hat over Thanksgiving break. It’s beautiful and made with a wool/silk blend so that it won’t grab my kinks and curls. I am so happy with it that I am going to make another in a different color.

In any case, with winter comes the winter hair regimen. I don’t really do too much differently from season to season. I probably should, but my hair has medium/high porosity, so the most important thing is locking moisture into my hair. I’ve had to ditch the Lush Fairly Traded Honey shampoo. It was eating away at my hair. I mean…ugh, Lush! So I’m back with Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo. I’m also experimenting with Kinky Curly’s Stellar Strands. It’s okay…smells really weird, but I do notice a difference in softness when I rinse it out. So I will use it up, and give a full review then.

So here’s what I learned in the past week about this shampoo. The reason why it’s not as drying/stripping as the other Aveda shampoos, is because it contains a watered down sulfate (interesting because it’s supposed to be a clarifying). My scalp likes sulfates. I’ve tried mostly coconut based shampoos — who am I kidding — most shampoos have coconut cleansers, but my scalp hates full on coconut cleanser shampoos (I’m looking at Shea Moisture.) My scalp goes into five-alarm itch mode. Also, there are so many different names for coconut cleansers that it’s impossible to find a shampoo without one unless you go straight clay. My hair loves clay, but my scalp does not. Simply, my scalp likes to be cleansed with a sulfate shampoo. But sulfates dry my hair and scalp out!

So, here I am with Aveda Rosemary Mint again because it just works. I still have to put a little bit of Jojoba oil on my scalp, but it just works.

Talk soon!


Aaaaand I’m back with a Bachelor’s Degree and The Kiddie Water Resort

This post is going to be short because I am still reeling from my last semester (if you were here with me, you would see the steam emanating from my head), which just ended this past Friday. Also, this weekend I was chaperone, with my sister, to six 10-11 year old girls to a kiddie water resort. Aw, man! That was exhausting! How is it that a child can work all different kinds of technology, but then can’t figure out how to turn the shower on?!

The resort: interesting. I don’t know, I think that I am a real snob because there was just a whole lotta stuff  I saw that made me want to vomit. Bad customer service, Dirty carpets, nasty food, ill-fitting swim suits…ugh! I am not saying that my body is all of that, but wow, just wow. But the kids had fun, and there is nothing that can top that. Right? Right.

Of course there was one kid who was trouble. It’s a shame when an adult has to use adult descriptors in order to talk about a child. I will not go all the way there, but will just say that this girl is a hot mess. She will not be invited on another outing with our family.

At any rate, I am done with undergrad! Yay! But I will not be official until two to three weeks from now. I just don’t understand that, but colleges and universities are bureaucracies. So that explains it all.

I am so excited to be back. I can’t wait to talk to whomever is reading :).

Is anybody watching ABC’s “Scandal?”