“I’ve got time today!”: DevaCurl Follow-Up

Happy New Year! I have some time for a quick (long?) follow-up post on my hair so far. So, I remember a few years back — about five to seven years ago? — there was some talk about DevaCurl products being very drying. Also, I remember something about them changing the formulation of the products at one point.

In any case, I was only using the DevaCurl One Condition as a leave-in, and then switched to the color-treated hair formula (now discontinued), and then ceased using it altogether. As you know, I am currently using the full line of products except for my shampoo — I use LivSo shampoo.

Important Side Note: DevaCurl was sold to some sort of venture capitalist firm, Ares . Apparently, the company had already been sold to a different VC prior to this. I am critical of transactions like this because it changes the nature of a business when they have stakeholders to please. You can already see it with the three different lines that they’ve created: Original, Wavy (Delight), and Super Curly (Decadence). Further, you can tell that they simply don’t care about curly hair because they’ve created these lines based on curl pattern, and we all know curl pattern is not the most important attribute when working with curly hair.

Now, back to my point. I purchased two items from the Decadence line, the No-Poo and the One Condition. I noticed that my hair was super frizzy and dry. I am also using the Ultra Defining Gel. I decided to have a look at the ingredients, and the products are loaded with glycerin and protein. When I got my hair cut, the stylist used products from the Original line. I thought to myself “It’s super dry and cold outside, so I will use the Decadence line in the winter, and switch to Original in the summer.” Nope. That’s not how it works.

I have fine, medium to highly porous, coarse strands with medium density. The logic says “Highly porous? You need more protein!” No, my hair can’t take much protein, and the stylist actually said not to use a bunch of protein unless you color-treat or heat style (It’s funny that she didn’t mention that the B’Leave In and Ultra Defining Gel have a bunch of proteins, but *eye roll*).

Glycerin is a whole other story because there is conflicting information out there about glycerin, but the simple assessment is that glycerin can dry your hair out even more in the winter months, and make your hair expand on humid summer days. It’s a tricky ingredient, so I tended to avoid products that contained it as a main ingredient (This is getting long, huh? Ha!) I defer to The Natural Haven and Science-y Hair blog, but my hair has been fine with low glycerine and low protein products.

Bottom line: I had to exchange the DevaCurl One Condition Decadence for the Original. This helped tremendously. The No-Poo Decadence is phenomenal! I couldn’t switch that out, but switching out the One Condition Decadence significantly reduced the amount of protein I was putting in my hair (frizzy, dry hair).

That still didn’t quite solve my frizzy/dry issue. I started to think, think. With years of natural curly hair experience, what could I do to solve this issue other than return the DevaCurl products…Bam! Add a curl cream for additional moisture and curl definition. And it couldn’t be a DevaCurl curl cream because they too have protein and glycerine in those formulae. I searched around…my house, ha! I had a sample jar of TreLuxe Curl Supreme. First, this curl cream smells so amazing! I simply had to use it. I did a little bit of research, and found this review of all of their styling products on Naturally Curly. The strange thing is that the review was posted in 2014…I don’t think I had really ever paid attention to this product line.

Anyway, I’m using the Curl Supreme, and it solved the frizzy/dry issue.  I use it after I apply DevaCurl B’Leave In, and before I apply the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel. The Curl Supreme plays really well with the DevaCurl products. I have no flakes or white spots, and I get nice shine. Remember to keep your hair soaking wet when applying products — apply them in the shower for best results.

I’m going to play around with this combination a bit, and maybe use my Kinky Curly Curling Custard instead of the Ultra Defining Gel the next time.

Back to the frigid Chicago temperatures!





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