First Semester of Grad School

Yes, as the title alludes, I am done with the first semester of graduate school. It was really tough, ummm, I think that’s what I can say about it at this point. I had two classes, and had to finish some projects for a class that I started in the summer, so three courses total. Ach! It was tough, but I think that I got some good research out of it–yes, four months after a 25-page research paper in undergrad, I had another 25-page paper due for graduate school. Aaah! I was loving my life, ha! I did well with it though. I was really surprised because I thought it was a C paper, but I got an A with some in-text notes for changes, but nothing that made me feel like “I really had no idea what I was doing!” It’s a good feeling.

Okay, the difference between undergraduate and graduate is that one is focused on a single discipline…but not really because there is this whole thing about interdisciplinary work. So my research is about library and information science, archives, literature, and social science. Since my research…welp, this is boring, ha! Let me see if I can make this as brief as possible. My graduate research is a continuation of my undergraduate research, which is an exploration of the communities/culture of enslaved black women. That’s all I’m saying.

The instruction is pretty much the same as undergrad: you are teaching yourself. That being said, I hope I find a mentor out of this experience. I really do. After having one when I was younger, albeit for theater, I think it’s really valuable. I am still a bit bitter about not having one for music. I spent a lot of money on vocal lessons, but never really connected with any of my teachers. Well, there was one, but he moved to L.A.

Anyway, I am looking for a part-time position so that I can get some experience while I am in school. That’s it. I am really glad to be on winter break. Perhaps I will get some personal reading done. That is, if I can concentrate. Did I mention I am having trouble with concentration? Ha! I hope to get some rest as well. My home environment is pretty stressful right now. Family is overrated, seriously.

I’ve been hanging on Twitter a lot more these days. I really like it. It’s kind of freaking me out. And I am torn between two blogs. I really like wordpress, but I am in love with tumblr, ugh! What shall I do? Perhaps I will keep the really dark stuff on tumblr? I don’t know. We shall see.

Happy Holidays!


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