Not-so-good Hair Products for Natural Black Hair

DISCLAIMER: These are my opinions and my experience. If you love these products, keep on buying/using them.



Initially, the title of this post was “crappy hair products…” but I came back, and decided that was a little too harsh. In any case, the new craze: every hair product company trying to make money off of the natural hair renaissance. The problem is that most of the products are still full of unhealthy ingredients! Most companies still use petroleum (petrolatum, mineral oil, etc.) as a main ingredient in their products. Also, the products still stink! I’m sorry but I don’t want to smell like tropical fruit, vanilla, or coconut or any of those other stinky scents they use for black hair care products.

I want fresh, clean scents! I want natural oils (coconut, avocado, olive, castor,etc.)!

Here are some of the lines that have those traditional black hair care scents, and didn’t do anything for my hair:

Cantu Shea Butter– greasy, sticky and smells bad. Also, I think that they lie on their labeling. I checked out the ingredient list for one of their products online, and then purchased in store. The online ingredients did not list glycerin as an ingredient, but the bottle that I purchased had glycerin as the second ingredient. And yes they are the same product. Granted, their oil moisturizer works great on my niece’s hair–her hair is a completely different texture ( think 3A versus 4A, 3A easily moisturizes.)

Shea Moisture– I’ve tried a lot of their products and I just don’t get what all of the hype is about. I don’t like the scent of the Hibiscus and Coconut line or the African Black  Soap line (the hair mask smells like rotten bananas.) I do like the scent of their raw shea butter line, but it does nothing for my hair :(.

Other new natural hair/natural curls lines:

Beautiful Textures: just look at the ingredients.

As I am: I am using a cleansing pudding right now, and the jury is still out.

With the exception of Shea Moisture,  these lines were created by larger companies, so they are not on the scene to help you really take care of your hair. In other words, it’s about the profit motive.  There are many more lines that have recently released natural curl product lines, but I will not enumerate them here. You only have to stop by any chain store to see the explosion of products.

If you don’t want a bunch of products that contain petroleum, petrolatum, mineral oil, or any other derivative of grease, read the labels before purchase. This will save you money, and you will avoid being called a product junkie–if that bothers you, heh.

What about you? Have you tried any new hair care products? Are you pleased or disappointed?

Stay tuned for a post on my current hair regimen.


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