Love letter to Blackberry/RIM


Blackberry! Yup.

Dear Blackberry/RIM,

I think I got my first Blackberry phone in the early to mid 2000’s. Yes, not that long ago, but in technology it’s like aeons ago. In any case, all I can remember about the phone is that it was really big n’ bulky, and had a track wheel on the side. I then moved on to the Blackberry Pearl 8100, I think that’s the model number. I only bring the Pearl up because I would eventually have to go back to my reliable little Pearl, which brings me to the purpose of my letter.

I am on my second android. I love my carrier, T-Mobile, but I hate android. The first android phone sent me running back to my little outdated Blackberry Pearl. It was terrible because I couldn’t keep up with my friends who were downloading the latest apps on their iPhones. For example, my good friend lived in Geneva, Switzerland, and she was able to download WhatsApp–an application that allows free text messaging. Do you think I was able to download that app to ye old Blackberry Pearl? Nope. So, back to my laptop, and Facebook.

T-Mobile does not carry the iPhone, and I would prefer not to be that person who has a seamless relationship with Apple–I am a Mac person, and have been one since my Dad bought us an Apple II e in the early 80s. However, I work cross platform, which means that I work on Mac or PC, no problem. I just want something that works, and at this point android doesn’t.

My first android phone would crash, re-start on its own, and overheat. There is nothing like talking on your phone with the thought that your phone may blow-up at your ear. Also, I just found out from an android rep. that you have to take care of an android system like a computer.

I love Blackberry because it has so much space on the thing that I don’t have to think about cleaning it up, or deleting texts, or e-mails. And my Blackberry was always cool to the touch. My Blackberry phones, and customer service were just so reliable.

RIM you guys have to get it together over there!! Find some university students, get out there and get some fresh tech talent and ideas so you can stay in business, PLEASE!!

By the way, I am all over that 10…whenever you guys get ready!?




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