Easy Frozen Coffee Shake

Wolfgang Puck’s fancy coffee shake. I like the glasses, but I prefer a big glass mug.

During the summer months, I have certain libations that have become a ritual for me. However, as I get older, I have noticed that I am becoming more sensitive to wine and beer, and my days of mixed drinks are limited. Anyway, it makes sense that one would crave cold drinks during a “hot as hell” Chicago summer.

There is this donut franchise that makes a delicious coffee shake, but, in my opinion, it is really overpriced. Also, there is this coffee chain…;) So I decided to create my own. It is a very simple recipe, and feel free to change it up as you wish, but the main ingredient is COFFEE! I mean, you could add caramel flavoring, chocolate–anything you like.

In a blender:

  • Old Coffee (it’s tastier if your coffee is from a press pot. A coffee purist would spit, but I say, if it’s good enough for Tiramisu, it’s good enough for a coffee shake!)
  • Ice Cubes

At this point, I blend because certain ingredients have a weird reaction when you put them in with ice.

Next add:

  • Vanilla Frozen Yogurt (Edy’s is really good, and the fat calories are acceptable.)
  • Chocolate Truffle Kefir (This stuff is awesome!!! you can get it from your local health food store, or Whole Foods.)
Next, Blend!

I don’t know what kind of reaction kefir has with coffee, but kefir is a liquid yogurt that when consumed implants healthy bacteria in your gut! The bacteria in kefir is slightly different than regular yogurt, and in some studies it is considered to be more powerful. If you eat yogurt (I prefer Fage Greek), continue to eat it, but try kefir because it is awesome!!!

What are your favorite summer drinks? I like water, ha! And I love having a great beer with a friend.


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