What Do We Call Men Who Like to Buy, and Then Marry Pretty Ladies?

Deion and Pilar Sanders

Deion and Pilar Sanders-They Think that They look Bad-Ass, but They look Stupid. --indieblack

I try to steer clear of the celebrity drama, but I watch television, so there is just no avoiding it. Whatever I think I am going to get away from, I don’t have a chance once I turn on the boob-tube.

In any case, the new drama is between former football/baseball player Deion Sanders, and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Pilar Biggers (interesting last name, by the way, tee-hee). Let’s get straight to the point, why is it that men think that when they buy a pretty lady that they are not going to pay dearly when the relationship comes to an end?

It is a given that a pretty lady is looking for a benefactor. Pretty ladies must workout, eat healthy food, go to the spa, get their hair and nails done…you get the point. They must maintain what they have to keep looking so damn pretty. And that is expensive, yo! Also, if you decide you want to have children…forget it. Because you are on lockdown, or should I say your wallet/your investments/your homes…it is all on lockdown. ‘Specially if you got married in California.

And you, Mr. Man, you are so egocentric that you need her, you must have her, you can’t live without her. You think to yourself “I want all my boys to ask me ‘how did you get something so. damn. fine?'”

Wha-? Did I hear Mr. Sanders say–after 12 years of marriage–about his pretty lady, “She’s a gold digger!!” “I thought she lub me, boo-hoo, but she really wanted to take all my money.”


So, what do we call men who are superficial, marry a model, and then get asked to pay up when the ish is all over? A Trick? A bitch-ass man? What?


One thought on “What Do We Call Men Who Like to Buy, and Then Marry Pretty Ladies?

  1. Hahaha I guess he would be a “john” right? I mean, johns pay tricks to make them happy and technically that’s what he’s doing – paying his wife to keep the “damn how you get a girl so fine?” questions rolling in. I guess that’s why it makes sense to be with someone that was with you “before” the money.

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