Advice For Young College Graduates

Hurray! You’ve made it! The real world is so much better than school. That said, school is easy, and life is hard, ha! I don’t want to scare you because life if fun, as well.

Choosing to work before I got my undergraduate degree was the best decision I have ever made. I brought all of my life skills back into the classroom, and got down to business.

"Don't End Up Like This Person"

AP photo Occupy-"Don't End Up Like This Person!"-indieblack

But you guys are starting at ground zero. Of course you will get a job, companies love to pay low wages to fresh graduates–you don’t have any experience. But you do. Demand as much as you can get. Also, you may get an offer for a position that has more perks than money. If, and that’s a big if, the job has really good perks, take that job.

Oh, and I am not really supposed to use the term “job” for your new career, am I? However, you are so young that you may not even end up doing what you thought you would be doing. So for now, you are going to get a job to pay off those student loans, if you have them.

Finally–and this is super corny–follow your dreams. They are the guiding force for you life. They are the things that make life worth living. It doesn’t matter if you end up destitute at the end because at least you’ll have some juicy stories to tell (or be the person pictured above). No matter what, it’s going to be all good!

Adults tell you to be practical because they are confused and all fog-headed. Also, they didn’t have a laser focus on their dreams; they allowed people to plant seeds of doubt. But you, young graduate, you are going to keep your focus, have confidence, and make this world a better place! With a solid work ethic, you can accomplish anything.

Bonne Chance!


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