I am so ready to turn off my television!!

I am sick of the lack of diversity on TV. Sick, sick, sick I tell you. Irony is watching a show with all White characters and hearing Hip-Hop or R&B in the background. That is as close to a primary character an African-American can get! Does anybody remember that movie The Big Chill? Well, if you don’t there was an all white cast with Motown for the soundtrack. WT–?!! They done locked us in the recording studio y’all! ( Or in da’ hood…)

I love watching TV, films, and generally being entertained by main stream media.In fact, there are days don’t even notice the lack of diversity, which is a SHAME!

But can I get some color up in here, please?! I’ll take a few Asians, some Hispanics, a couple of east Indians, well Aziz Ansari is on Parks and Recreation, and Danny Pudi (he is from Chicago! Woot!), is on Community, so that’s sewn up. Also, MSNBC has gone African-American crazy with Reverend Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry and Tamron Hall. But that’s cable news, people!!

I want to see some color on the Big Three!! I want to see some poc’s in drama, and comedy, and on more channels than BET!! There is only ONE Shonda Rhimes, and there are only so many Grey’s Anatomy type shows that she can create!!

I must admit that a new cable show got me started on my rant…Girls on HBO. Do we really have to make a Black Girls?? Really? No we don’t because there are poc’s that are hipsters, that are trying to survive in NYC, that have parents who have spoiled them, and on and on…

This is extremely frustrating, and I will not be watching Girls again! But nobody is stopping you…  I will just go back and watch some episodes of The Wire (that was my show!). What’s a girl to do?

Idris Alba The Wire


One thought on “I am so ready to turn off my television!!

  1. Ditto to the annoyance with the lack of diversity on network shows in the past decade. I was actually talking about this topic in my television course, and something we all noticed was how certain genres appear to do better with non-token minority casting than others.

    It seems like crime procedurals and dramas are way more likely to have POC in significant roles than comedies nowadays, which is frustrating because it felt like the tide was finally turning in the 90s, but then all of the “minority shows” got shoved onto UPN, a black chick dated someone on “Friends” and I guess that was that. There are always going to be shows that are the exception, but right now, that’s the way it is.

    And as far as that “Girls” show on HBO(?), I had some initial interest in checking it out because it was being touted as this “generational show” that would give a “realistic depiction” of twenty-something life in an urban metropolis without all of the cutesy, glamour bullshit that made “Sex and the City” so ultimately vapid, but I’ve run into so much analysis that says otherwise.

    Apparently, the show is just a homogenous snarkfest that follows some unemployed hipster ladies slumming in a version of NYC that lacks relevant people of color. What’s so groundbreaking about that? I don’t know, and probably won’t watch the show because of that.

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