Clarisonic Mia

Clarisonic Mia

I. Love. This. This is such a special piece of personal care technology. The skin on my face has always been super temperamental.  When I was younger I used to hang out in the bathroom–I mean, what girl doesn’t? I had lot’s of time to hang out in the bathroom, and when we moved out to the suburbs, Walgreens was the spot. Well, one day I got into a little trouble playing with a bar of Irish Spring deodorant soap… I burned the ish out of the acid mantle on my face. I literally had burns on my face; I had to ice my face!! My mother was not too happy, but I was the one burning in hell fire! After this incident, the skin on my face hated me.

Back to the magical Mia. I was in Sephora, at my wits end, looking for a new cleanser. I have worked with a few estheticians, got a few facials, and they told me that I have normal skin. I beg to differ, but I respect what they told me.

After reading what seemed like a thousand labels in Sephora, I stumbled upon a foaming cleanser by Ole Henriksen It has really simple ingredients, and I just had a good feeling about it. Then, I turned around and there it was: The Clarisonic Mia  .

Should I dare get one? The price was right at $119. Would it minimize the sporadic breakouts on my forehead? Would it give my skin a mystical glow? My pores are starting to show a bit more with age, will it help tighten my pores? Yes, Yes and Yes!!!

I can’t recommend this enough. They have different brush heads: sensitive and normal. I don’t think they have one more intense than the normal. I think anything more than normal would take your skin  off. Warning: They do try to jack you with the price of the brush heads. But it’s totally worth it!

If you have a Clarisonic toothbrush, this is just like the toothbrush, but you use it on your face!!


One thought on “Clarisonic Mia

  1. Yes, clarisonic is the way to go. There’s also a + that comes with a body brush, but I think it sounds like that’s what you bought. If you picked it up for $119 that was a good deal. Watch out for cosmetic events and promotions, clarisonic is a good company and will often give away new brush heads when you pick up more cleansers. I need a clarisonic.

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