New Method Body Wash


I am a serious product junkie! Serious. I’ve been looking for a new body wash/shower gel for forever. I am really into Lush soaps and washes, but, in the past, when I wanted something less expensive, but just as special; I would pick up Method’s mint fresh body wash. Mind you, I am not sure that this is its real name, but I know that it had a mint fresh scent. In any case, over summer 2011, my friend and I were searching Target for the mint fresh, and it looked as if they had discontinued selling it on the ground!

Flash-forward, I was in Target last week, and what did I come across? New, delicious body wash scents from Method!! There are three pure naked scents: olive leaf, white tea, and magnolia. I am a fresh scent girl, so olive leaf is my favorite, but I will be collecting all three scents. I don’t know if olive leaves have a scent, so the scent kind of reminds me of products that have a fresh, green tea scent.

I like Method body wash because, to me,it smells less synthetic than some of the other brands, and it is light, but very moisturizing. Also, the bottle design is modern, and looks great in the bathroom.

You can find your bottle at your local Target or on the method site.


6 thoughts on “New Method Body Wash

  1. I love method products, but I’ve never tried their body wash. I’m going to get some the next time I go to Target!
    I really like Nivea shower gels/body wash for a drug store brand.

  2. I would love to buy more drug store brands, but my skin breaks out! Also, I like things that have a natural scent to them, and most brands have that baby powder or clean linen scent, which I can’t stand.

    My skin doesn’t react with the Method body wash, so I love it. Give it a try, I think you will like it 🙂

  3. Nice… a fellow product junkie! 🙂

    I’ve never tried Method body washes, only their hand soap. My personal favorite body wash is Soap & Glory’s Clean on Me… the scent is to die for!

    What are your Lush favorites? I’m really loving the Mask of Magnaminty right now.

    • I love Rub, Rub, Rub shower scrub/gel, ice blue soap (?? it’s a minty/sweet soap), and some other products that I have to order because they no longer sell them in the shop, which sucks! They are what they call “Retro” products. Those are Tramp shower gel, lily savon soap, and 17 cherry street soap (I think that’s the name of it.) The soaps smell heavenly, and they scent the bathroom.

    • I know, I hate fruity and sweet! I mean, if the sweet is mixed with something masculine/woody, that’s cool with me. But fruity/foodie in body products or candles makes me want to toss my cookies, ha! They are so synthetic. I like scents that remind me of essential oils.

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